Cubic Nomad & Emma Susanne – No Angel [Official Video]

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Cubic Nomad & Emma Susanne – No Angel [Official Video]

Hot on the heels of the much-cherished „Observer“ album, Cubic Nomad and his frequent vocal collaborator, the enchanting Emma Susanne deliver another big tune: „No Angel“ is a witty confession of human weakness, albeit delivered with a most confident and varied vocal performance, set against a bass-heavy drumbeat, an atmospheric backdrop and a on-off piano line. Reminiscent of the golden age of trip hop, and good proof that style never goes out of fashion!

Written by E.Langbroek & M.Pinkster
Produced by M.Pinkster
Lyrics and Vocal by E.Langbroek
Mastered by Da Goose Music
Published by Room 23 Publishing
Marketed by Room 23 Music

Thanks to ‘Theater de Bussel’ in Oosterhout (NB) for permission to shoot footage on their location.

(R23005) Cubic Nomad & Emma Susanne – No Angel