Cubic Nomad – Colors Of The Reef

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Cubic Nomad – Colors Of The Reef

Following the eco-aware downbeat album “Earth 2”, Maurice Pinkster takes another break from the hard techno business and explores the realms of glossy electronica — and of mysterious submarine life. Elaborate, sometimes trip-hop style beats, the occasional melody and ominous drones are the canvas on which he paints the cinematic soundscape of the ocean.

You will encounter sparse, yet all the more effective elements along your nautical journey: Majestic string sounds in the opening/title track, a sketchy piano line in “Colors of the Reef”, and the ethereal vocals of Emma Susanne in “Underneath the calm Surface” and “Jellyfish Blooms”. “One Step from Earth” and “A hollow Echo of the Voice” revolve around heralding vocal samples, while “The Abyss” is a purebred beatless dark ambient track, brooding and unsettling. But hope is near — the trip will draw to its conclusion on a lighter note, with the almost dance floor compatible “Hydromedusa”, the upbeat “Along the Shore” and the relieving dreamscape “A Turn in the Cloud” as the end title.
From Pinkster’s preoccupation with nature emanates a heartfelt, emotional album, staying well clear of sugar-coated melodies or new age dabbling, this is serious and sometimes uneasy — but utterly rewarding — listening.


releases 17 April 2014
Written & produced by M. Pinkster
Video editing by DDM
Sound Editing by DDM
Mastering by