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Cubic Nomad | The Relic  | Hidden Rooms

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The Relic @ N.E.O. III (Minus One, Gent, Belgium)

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Cubic Nomad & Emma Susanne @ Drechtstad FM

Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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Cubic Nomad ft. Emma Susanne – Jellyfish Blooms

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Angry Eyes - Photoshoot

Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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No Angel

My new single No Angel with Emma Susanne is finished! Next month we’ll round up the footage for the music videos. The single will include besides the original mix also an UK mix with Drum & Bass influence! And there will be a music video for both songs! We’ll keep you updated!

[ZUUR009] Hidden Rooms – Acid Formula

Following hot on the heels of ZUUR007, Hidden Rooms comes up with two acid techno bangers in a massive sound quality with an analogue feel. With the 303 tweaking fiercely, the low end frequencies booming and on-spot sampled vocal hooks providing extra impact, “Acid Formula” and “Dark Essence” are pretty much self-evident track titles: Two growers with a demanding build-up, you can’t possibly keep your limbs still upon exposure to this acid formula.

[DD14074] The Relic – Bunker II “Type 625B”

“For how many days had he been living like that? He had stopped counting after a few weeks and accepted his fate of functioning without thinking, like a part of the machinery he was surrounded with. He knew it was merely the leaders’ detestation for life had lead humanity to inflict mechanized extinction upon itself. It was the daily peek outside, before he had to descend again into this fortress of industrial warfare, where people live like the dead – [read more…]