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  1. dd13080_1000

    Human Resource – Dominator (25 Years of Domination Remixes)

    Release date: 05-Dec-2016

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  2. R-7459866-1442098163-3906.jpeg

    Embrionyc – Very Far Away (Closer Remix By The Relic)

    Release date: 12-Sep-2015

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  3. Noisj-30_700

    Traffik – Incriminating Evidence (The Relic’s Right To Remain Silent Remix)

    Release date: 20-Feb-2014

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  4. DD039_700

    X-Core ‎– Ashes (The Relic Remix)

    Release date: 08-May-2013

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  5. a0274807413_10

    ▲NGST – The Knowledge (The Relic Remix)

    Release date: 16-Jun-2012

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  6. a2489465999_10

    Somatic Responses – Shitty Hybrid (The Relic Remix)

    Release date: 11-Mar-2012

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    The Illuminati – Dead Man Walking (The Relic Remix)

    Release date: 19-May-2009

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  8. Rotterdam-Records-100-Various-Artists-ROT100

    Neophyte – Recession (Hier En Daar Wat Opgekalefaterd Door The Relic)

    Release date: 30-Jun-2007

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  9. SMPT005

    Various ‎– Sampler 1: The Space Between Zero And One

    Release date: 02-Feb-2007

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