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  1. dd13080_1000

    Human Resource – Dominator (25 Years of Domination Remixes)

    Release date: 05-Dec-2016

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  2. a3661514857_10

    Lifka – Valve (CUBIC NOMAD Remix)

    Release date: 01-Jul-2016

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  3. BHR014

    Mystake – Betrayed (Cubic Nomad Remix)

    Release date: 15-Aug-2014

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  4. a2910211172_10

    Hibou – Live (Cubic Nomad Version)

    Release date: 15-Feb-2013

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  5. DD00026_700

    Weisses Rauschen ‎– The Energy We Need (Cubic Nomad Artificial Energy Mix)

    Release date: 14-Jun-2012

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  6. DD00020_700

    Zanthrax ‎– Dark By Nature (Replica By Cubic Nomad)

    Release date: 29-Apr-2012

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  7. a1705933422_10

    Matt Green ‎– Searching For The Lord (Infected By Cubic Nomad)

    Release date: 29-Nov-2011

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  8. a0111548615_10

    Carnage & Cluster ‎– Annihilation (Cubic Nomad Remix)

    Release date: 05-Aug-2011

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