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  1. DD00064_700

    The Relic ‎– Sentinels

    Release date: 02-Dec-2014

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  2. DD00051_700

    The Relic ‎– Between Light And Shadow

    Release date: 26-Jun-2013

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  3. DD00042_700

    The Relic ‎– It’s Not Human

    Release date: 25-Mar-2013

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  4. Noisj026_600

    The Relic ‎– Mind Battle Part III – Shattered Heroes

    Release date: 21-Nov-2012

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  5. DD12013_700

    The Relic ‎– Bunker I

    Release date: 09-Jul-2012

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  6. SF06

    The Relic ‎– Lensor

    Release date: 22-Aug-2011

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  7. DD13006

    The Relic ‎– Predator

    Release date: 01-Jun-2011

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  8. EBE

    Moleculez & The Relic ‎– Disasters Of Ceremony

    Release date: 17-Feb-2011

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  9. Noisjltd01

    Zanthrax vs. The Relic ‎– Mind Battle Part I.V

    Release date: 30-Jan-2011

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  10. Noisj01

    The Relic ‎– Mind Battle Part II

    Release date: 01-Nov-2010

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  11. SMPT015_700

    The Relic ‎– The Fallen

    Release date: 16-Jul-2010

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  12. S09

    The Relic ‎– Angel’s Share

    Release date: 10-Jul-2008

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  13. S06

    The Relic ‎– Inside The Machine

    Release date: 07-Jun-2007

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  14. USR08

    Zanthrax vs. The Relic ‎– Mind Battle Part I

    Release date: 06-Mar-2006

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  15. FIX17

    The Relic ‎– Exaggerate

    Release date: 07-Mar-2002

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