Cubic Nomad | The Relic  | Hidden Rooms


[ZUUR007] Hidden Rooms – Lucifer

After a while of silence, The Relic’s Hidden Rooms alter ego resurfaces with some truly corrosive acid tracks: The sounds seethe like venomous sidewinders, the kicks distort in an analogue frenzy, a truly devilish temptation! Further shaping the ZUUR label sound, Hidden Rooms provides 120 bpm analogue madness that corrodes your brain with a 303% acid paint. “Lucifer” is a repetitive track with a simple hook, “Surreal Space” sports more upfront rhythms, unhealthy washes of distortion and a subtle melodic [read more…]

Angry Eyes

Following the retro-tinged melancholia of the “Rainy Summer” single, Cubic Nomad & Emma Susanne further pursue the path of the fragile, intimate song, grieving the intricacies of human relationships – but this time on a discretely upbeat note. „Angry Eyes“ follows in the use of a catchy piano hook and decent electronica, while adding an air of grandeur and soundtrack-like sounds. Emma’s vocals appear more confident than ever, communicating an acceptance of the troubles at hand. Clocking in at less [read more…]